Nano filter solutions offers to your attention a unique nanotechnology water filter system of purification of water (liquids) Where for the first time in the world in one housing contains four types of cleaning: – ultramarina – purification from solid and suspended particles; – biological, antibacterial – clean from infectious agents; – energy-purification from all pollution, protection against external aggressive AMY and synchronization of internal and external rhythms; – antiparasitic – cleaning from pathogenic parasites, viruses, bacteria with the help of special plates, lenses, normalizing the immune system.


Technical Specifications

The performance of FS–60,0 60 cubic m/hour; FS-10/20 -10,0/20.0 cubic meters/hour FS-5 -5,0 cubic m/h; FS-3 is 3.0 cubic m/h; FS-1 and 1.0 cubic meters/hour The maximum diameter of input and output FS-60 70,0 mm; FS-50 FS-1 or 10 inches; FS-5< inches; of FS-2 HS of an inch The maximum number of mechanical impurities (suspensions) on the dry rest FS 200 mg/liter Nominal diameter of flange connection of FS-60 and FS-50175,0 mm Mounting position – Vertical. Cleaning from mechanical impurities. Particle size, FS 10 -+ 5 µm; Mains power is not required. The temperature of the water to be purified FS-60 +5.. +40; FS-10, FS-5, FS-1 +5. .+95 Maximum working pressure 16.0 bar FS Warranty period of operation of the system 60 months Replacement cartridges are not required Cleaning filtering element backwashing The weight of FS – industrial up to 60 kg; household up to 4 kg