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Our team of Russian scientists have developed unique way of using nanotechnology in water treatment, not having analogues in the world, which includes a set of ultra-thin purification of water and a system of magnetic molecular structurer of water.
The basis of this complex is the nano membrane water filtration systems. nanotechnology water purification methods works on a fundamentally new basis, without any replaceable cartridges.The mechanism is self cleaning and structural features a mirror filter element allow you to effectively clean the filter, ensuring reliable trouble-free operation for many years.
We have various modifications of nanotechnology water filters, for household,industrial and commercial. The performance of which is from 1,000 liters to 300,000 liters per hour with a removal efficiency up to 1 micron.
The device and principle of operation of our universal nanotechnology water purification systems are with an integrated magnetic transducer structurer of water. Our series of FS nano filters is not the usual filtration mesh or filtration cartridge volume, but instead developed and applied a fundamentally new microwire filter element consisting of a frame with silver coating and winding the finest special microprofile of a given diameter. The silver coating is made using nanotechnology, it deeply penetrates into the crystal lattice of the metal and is not washed from the surface of the filter element, highlighting only the necessary for bactericidal treatment of silver ions. On the cylindrical polished surface of a frame having perforations in the form of longitudinal slits of a predetermined geometric shape and size, using special equipment is performed by winding two layers of microprofiles with a diameter of 27 ám and the result is a permeable surface with a given size of pore channels. When this was first proposed and successfully implemented the nanotechnology ordinary winding layout with a pitch less than the diameter of microbiolology, i.e. with a ratio of the winding density of greater than 1. This allowed to solve a number of fundamental technological challenges, and provide high stopping power with low flow resistance. Inside of the filter element is a water structurer for water purification using nanotechnology.
Structurer of water is a special metal capsule from stainless steel where the wave frequency-resonance oscillators, based on progradient multipolar magnetic systems. Between the generators are the crystals rhinestone and amber in a compressed state, resulting in a piezoelectric effect (i.e., crystal rhinestone and amber start to radiate its internal energy relic). Wave generators tuned to the resonance frequency of rhinestone crystal and amber amplify the radiation of crystals.
The water passing along the capsule under the influence of a magnetic field,becomes more mild the pH changes, it will become more fine, homogeneous structure and becomes enriched with oxygen. Under the influence of the amplified radiation of amber and rhinestone crystal increases its own oscillation of the molecules, with the result that the water acquires the properties of a cluster of rhinestone crystal and amber energy for ultra fine water purification using nanotechnology.
The principle of operation of self-cleaning of the filter element based on water purification using nanotechnology is the resonant oscillation that occurs in the nano membrane water filtration systems with a given value of the pore channels in hydrodynamic processes. In the filtration process due to the fact that the bulk stopping power metal membrane is almost nonexistent, and the quality of its surface of not less than 8 cleanliness (of reflectivity),mechanical impurities are detained are unable to be held firmly on the PV and freely washed into the lower part of the filter with new portions of the filtered fluid is removed through the drain craine.
Passing through the filter element, the water passes 4 types of cleaning: Mechanical cleaning. Delayed for all kinds of suspensions in a liquid filter of size (1-10 µm). Bactericidal cleaning. Nanotechnology water purification coating element activated-pure silver (99, 999 %) deeply penetrates into the crystal lattice of the metal, not washed from the surface of the filter element, highlighting only the necessary for bactericidal treatment of water with silver ions. Information cleaning. Progradient magnets neutralize the accumulated negative information which can remain in water even after the most careful filtering. The water passing inside the body and flowing around the capsule, distinctive properties of rock crystal and amber. Water changes its chemical and physical properties. Decreases the freezing point of water, which indicates a change in its physical properties. Nanotechnology water purification. Under the influence of PolygraphInter magnetic field causes the change of chemical composition of water:iron ions present in water in the trivalent state, divalent moving in,then converted into the oxide film, creating cathodic protection of pipes.Reduced content of hardness salts, ammonia, nitrates, etc. The proposed device operates as follows: The purified water flows into the inner space of the filter housing and passing through the pore channels of the filter, is purified and enters into the internal cavity of the filter element. In the inner cavity of the filter element is a water structurer under the influence, which the water acquires its new qualities and further proceeds to the output of the filter using nanotechnology in water treatment.
Scope of nanotechnology applications for clean water: Filtration and transformation of water in systems of cold water supply. The neighborhoods of the city, apartment buildings, schools, kindergardens, hospitals, various industrial, manufacturing factories and other objects. The use of hard water in domestic and industrial purposes leads to very undesirable consequences: – Unproductive consumption of detergents when washing. This is explained by the fact that the ions of calcium and magnesium, interacting with the Soaps, which is a salt of fatty acids, form insoluble precipitates in water. It is estimated that every litre of water with a hardness of 7.1 mEq/l overconsumes 2.4g. of soap. – Premature wear of fabrics when washed in hard water. Fiber fabrics adsorb calcium and magnesium soap, and this makes them fragile and brittle. – In hard water bad meat, and beans boiled soft, with reduced nutritional value of the products. Digested meat proteins are transformed into insoluble condition and is poorly absorbed by the body. – Increased corrosion of the heating elements of household appliances and heat exchangers due to hydrolysis (interaction with water) and magnesium salts and raise the pH of water. – Salts of calcium and magnesium form hard deposits (scale, sludge, water stone) on the surface of heat exchangers and hydraulic appliances, which reduces the efficiency of their work. Metal by undissolved precipitates of CA CO3 overheats and softens, because the scale has low thermal conductivity, and its presence on the heating elements causes an increase in energy consumption. We offer the finest resolution to this problem by nanotechnology applications for clean water.
Water purification using nanotechnology with our nano filtration sytems helps solve contaminated water problems in all aspects of life. Fountains, decorative pools. Prevent the cyan and blue-green algae. The water in the reservoirs longer does not bloom and does not rot. The cleaning of reservoirs and tanks. Stops the deposition of various fractions on the inner walls of the tanks and cleans from accumulated already. Cathodic protection for water systems. The increase in life of pipes. Filtration of food products. Milk, vegetable oil, beer, alcohol, etc. When watering with structured water accelerates seed germination, increases yields, reduces the amount of fertilizer. Filtering the bleached oil. Gasoline, diesel fuel, industrial oils, aviation kerosene, etc. The main advantages of using nano filters series FS: 1.nanotechnology water purification methods has applied a fundamentally new nanotechnology membrane filter element with integrated magnetic transducer structurer of water and a complex of biologically activated materials based on amber and rhinestone. 2.Great work without plug-in cartridges. The mechanism of self-cleansing and “mirror effect” of the filter element allows effective cleaning of the filter, ensuring reliable operation for a long time. 3.Nanotechnology water purification filters can work equally both in cold and in hot water up to + 100c 4.The unique properties of the Filter element allow one filter to combine the four main types of treatment:mechanical, sorption and bactericidal, information. 5.All critical components and structural elements of the filter are made of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys. 6.Our nanotechnology water purification filters have minimum weight and dimensions. 7.The cost of our filters significantly lower prices, both domestic and foreign markets i.e., Middle East, Saudi Arabia, South America, Kuwait, Qatar, Asia, Africa