May 5, 2017
Doctor Quant Shower
May 5, 2017
Silver string membrane 1


Is used to reduce water hardness, reduces the content of iron in water, Full protection against scale. Reduces the failure rate of water supply systems. All sizes are made per different filter size, connects into the entry point of water into filter. Magnetized water is easier to digest by the body, improves the permeability of biological membranes of tissue cells, cleans vessels, reduces excess cholesterol in the blood and liver, regulates blood pressure, normalizes metabolism, promotes excretion of kidney stones, therefore - widely used in medicine (using physiotherapeutic Devices), for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, as well as in agriculture - for watering plants (simultaneously, with dissolution and removal into deep horizons of salts - Soils are improved, solonchaks are reclaimed) and soaking of seeds. Useful, healing properties, after activation, are retained by the liquid - for a long time depending on processing parameters: chemical composition, presence of iron ions and chlorides, charge of particles of suspensions, sufficient degassing, pH value and storage conditions - temperature, vibrations, External electromagnetic radiation and level of radiation background

Silver string membrane 2
Silver string membrane 3